Topics: Sleep, Stress, Improve / Pages: 3 (644 words) / Published: Jan 29th, 2014

To a study that suggested that, students under fifteen should be in bed by eight pm to do their best in school, well I agree. Even if going to bed by eight pm can be unfair to the students and maybe get mad at their parents for the early bedtime, but it can make a students’ self and school life easier and probably better. If students go to bed eight pm every night, they will be healthier, and energetic, and will not make their minds and bodies stressed. A student who goes to bed at eight pm can be improving themselves at school throughout each week with having about ten hours of sleep. Getting about ten hours of sleep can get the students well rested and more awake than being gloomy and non-spirited. If students are conscious and active throughout the whole day, this will prevent them from sleeping in class and allow them to listen attentively in class. Students well energized can have the ability to participate in class activities and discussions. They are also more alive in class. When they are more watchful, they can listen, pay attention to their lessons, have a better understanding, and maybe even enhance in class, improving each day. With having enough energy for the day, they may also do their work more often and may even improve in class when it becomes easier for them and will not even have such a hard time in class. This, entire overall will allow students to gradually do a better job at school by having about ten hours of sleep each night. Another reason students age fifteen and under should have a bedtime of eight pm is to intensify their health, unbelievably. They become healthier emotionally, mentally, and physically. They will not be able to miss school days and their lessons. Without being vigorous enough, students are able to get sick during school and may have to miss school and the rest of the lessons planned later on. Not only will the students be healthier but be tough at school. Students will be refreshed and re-energized, not having to

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