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By Emma-McCloskey Oct 08, 2013 617 Words
Slavery was a very big problem in British’s North American Colonies, during the period of 1607 to 1776, but it also grew dramatically in this time period. The thought of not having slaves was very out of the ordinary. Slavery became an economic miracle for the plantations and cash crops of North America after settlers began to come to America and start to use and obtain slaves. Slavery grew a huge amount from its origin and development in the colonies of North American. The Slaves became very anxious to beat everyone, but many of the slaves originated, and developed from many places all over the world, and there where many difficulties on the way including the Stono River Rebellion, Bacon’s Rebellion, and then the slave fighting in the American Revolution.

Many of the Slaves came from the West Indies, or also Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. They all came to North America in need of a reliable source. Many of the slaves were looking for crops such as tobacco, rice, sugar, and indigo. The Chesapeake colonies where a big help with slavery because they helped find everything for the slaves, and helped them get to where they needed to be. In Virginia at the time Stono River Rebellion was taking place, it was also known as a slave rebellion that took part on September 9th, 1739. This Rebellion was one of the biggest slave uprisings in the British mainland. There was a lot tension between England and Spain over territory in North America which made slaves almost be able to reach Spanish Territory. On the day of the Rebellion the leader gathered 20 enslaved Africans near the river, and started to march down the road and take action. The slaves in the rebellion were very successful because they burned many plantations, and killed about 25 whites along the way.

The British did not start to use slave labor in America until about the 17th century, many thought that is was kind of weird because they didn’t know what to do with all of the Africans is England. John Hawkins, the person that decided to capture the 300 Africans, sold them to the Spanish. Many of the Slaves where indentured servants, and during the time Slaves were being developed, the indentured servants developed the slave code which was a code that gave slave-owners absolute power over the indentured servants. The Bacon’s Rebellion also took place during the development. This Rebellion was the first Rebellion in the American colonies, and was controlled by William Berkeley, some historians believed that the rebellion the part of the cause of slavery.

Some of the slaves saw the American Revolution not only as chance to fight for justice, but also their liberty and freedom from slavery. Many of the slaves only decided to risk their lives in this war so they could have freedom, and live their lives how they wanted to. Payments were also promised to the slaves who join the war, and many of the slaves would become free just because of the contribution. Both the free and indentured slaves where serving in the militia, mostly near their villages. Some other slaves wanted to also join the Battle of Bunker Hill because they were told it would set them free, or help expand their civil rights.

Slaves had many problems, and many reasons to get set free. They all fought for something that they wanted, and achieved it. It must have been hard to live that life because you always had to worry about what you had to do next. Many of the Rebellions were very serious to the slaves because it helped them get closer to their freedom, and that all they ever wanted.

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