Topics: American Civil War, United States, United States Constitution Pages: 3 (1311 words) Published: July 18, 2013
Slavery has been in the United States early as 1619. Slaves were brought to America for one thing and one thing only, money. Tobacco took a great amount of work to harvest, but with the slaves help it all got completed. Slaves cost at least three more times than a regular servant for the reason that slavery was their life, it was their job. Regular servants finished their ‘slavery’ time in about 4 years. Slavery really got across the whole country as time passed, and in 1670 the crop, tobacco, took over the nation. In fact, slavery didn’t really come into play in the laws until the 1660s. In the early 1680s Virginia wanted to alter what a slave was, earlier defined by the House of Burgess. The Europeans saw African Americans as human beings, but their actions towards them did not say the same. Slaves that used to be put to work while on the ships did not appreciate it at all. Almost 15% of the slaves on the ship die on their way to a destination due to no food or by just being sick. The ship was so small sometimes that the slaves had to be on top of each other. The owners of the ships tried to get as many slaves on the ships as possible so when they got to their destination they would sell the excess slaves. Since Africa had so many in it, that was the usual target to get slaves and bring them back to the land. By the early 1700s African Americans took over one fifth of the population in America. With the large number of slaves being introduced into the colonies they had a great impact on the economy and in reshaping the population as a whole. The Africans brought their expertise of travel, planting and hunting to the new world. The African dugout canoe became the chief means of transportation in the colonies. This expertise from the Africans contributed greatly to the prosperity of South Carolina. Many slaves had their own gardens that they could tend to when they were not working. On Sundays slave holders usually gave the slaves the day off...
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