Sixth Sense

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The Sixth Sense

“ Through close analysis of the house scene (with Dr. Crow and Lynn Sears) and the restaurant scene, discuss the techniques used by the director to make the audience believe that Dr. Crow is alive.

“The sixth sense” is a psychological thriller directed by M. Night Shymalan about a young boy who can see dead people walking around him unaware that they are dead; he gets help from a psychologist called Dr. Crowe.

Through close analysis of the restaurant scene and the scene with Cole (the boy this film is based on) and his mother it can be seen that Shymalan has used a variety of techniques to fool the audience. Dr. Crowe is actually dead and it is Cole helping him realise this. The director uses different camera angles and shots to trick the audience into thinking Dr. Crowe is alive, but these are subtle tricks that are noticed only by your sub-conscious; for example, in one scene the camera is placed behind a sofa/ chair and from our experience of watching T.V we immediately (sub-consciously) recognize that this scene has a sort of secrecy to it.

In the scene where Dr. Crowe is in the house with Cole's mother waiting for Cole to come home, the scene opens in a medium two shot using the sofa trick explained earlier with Cole's mother (on the left) facing Dr. Crowe (on the right) who is also sitting facing Cole's mother; he looks at her as she stares blankly at his seat; although it seems as though she is looking at him without looking closely. She looks nervous whereas he looks calm. This shot forces us to make assumptions; they do not speak but it appears to the audience as though they have been speaking.

The door, which is in the centre of the shot, opens, and Cole steps in through the doorway then shuts the door behind him, Cole's mother then speaks, “Hey baby”, she says, getting up; she walks towards him and asks, “How was your day?” The camera then zooms in on Cole and his mother, who kneels down to his height and...
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