Situation Irony

Topics: Irony, Torture, Fiction Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: January 22, 2013
"The Wall": Situational Irony

Conan Tsui
English 12
December 6 2012

In the short story "The Wall" written by Jean-Paul Satre, the situational irony reveals that loyalty and bravery are difficult to comprehend, especially during wartime. Though Pablo's loyalty towards his cause and to Ramon were pure. Pablo decides not to give up Ramon, even though the information might save himself from being executed.

After days of psychological torture, Pablo is broken down and accepts that he will be executed. Right before he is to be shot, Pablo was then interrogated one last time on the whereabouts of his friend Ramon. Pablo is ready to die before betraying his friend but decides to lie instead. This was Pablo's arrogance, feeling brave and malicious, Pablo tells the Fascists officer; "Ramon is hiding in the cemetery, in a vault or a gravediggers shack" (34) Pablo does not believe Ramon is hiding in the cemetery, but wishes to give the guards a hard time, all within pure intent, intending to lead the guards astray from Ramon's true hideout. Pablo convinced he had nothing else to lose, for Pablo, he is wholly prepared to die. Through an ironic twist of fate against Pablo, Ramon was actually hiding at the location Pablo have given the guards. Ramon was then shot and killed while Pablo is allowed to live because ironically, Pablo supposedly told the truth. Ramon's death was result of Pablo's bravery and arrogance ( Human error).

"The Wall" ends with irony because of the choices Pablo made. Pablo's story about Ramon turned out to be the truth, and that Pablo's choice resulted in his life being spared and the death of Ramon, whom Pablo was ready to die for in order for Pablo to protect Ramon. Pablo did not care about living so he was not inclined to betray Ramon so he could be spared.
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