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Sister: Debut Albums and Best Friend

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My sister is someone who helps me find my smile. Who accepts me for what I am. Who lets me know that my efforts really are worthwhile, and that my accomplishments are worthy ones. She lts me know that she will catch me if I fall. She’s so much more wonderful than she will admit to being. She watches out for me and helps me through it all.

My sister is someone I’m very proud to be related to. Having
Her as such a special part of my family has given
Me memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything and hopes that I’ll have for as long as I live. Even if there are times when two of us are far away from each other, our thoughts ill make sure we stay together.

Sister, you can accomplish
Anything you choose...
I just know you can!
If you could see through my eyes,
I wonder what you’d ba feeling right now,
Because i can see you as you really are-
Powerful, sensitive, determined, and gracious.
I can see you achieving everything
You choose to achieve.
I can see you being exactly
Who and what you want to be.
Look through my eyes for an instant,
And you’ll see yourself flourishing
And conquering all limitations.
Look through my eyes
And see who you really are
And what you are capable of.
You can accomplish anything-
I know you can.

My sister
Deserves to know that even though i don’t always get
A chance to show it, she is absolutely essential to the
Happiness... that lives within my heart

To my sister
You have such a heart for people
No one else would listen
With such gentle tenderness
To the woes and worries of others,
And offer words of comfort
And encouragement
That are always right on the mark.
You have a heart for laughter, too,
And for seeing the humor in this crazy, sometimes bewildering world.
You have aheart full of love, too.
This probably is what brings you
So deeply into the lives of peole.
May the love that you give away
Come back to you
A hundred times over.

My best friend is a very special woman
Let me tell you about her:
She is someone who loves life to the fullest.
She loves the simple things in life, like eating dessert and drinking flavored coffee.
She loves to watch romantic movies with a big box of tissues beside her.
My best friend is someone
I can always count on.
She is always there for me no matter what.
If i’ve just had my heart broken, she’s there to pick up the pieces.
Or if I just need a hug, she’ll come right over.
Even when we are apart,
We are as close as two friends can be.
And when we get together again, it’s as if no time has passed.
By now,
You must have guessed... that my very best friend is YOU!

A sister is...
...a friend and a smile and a rainbow
All rolled into one.
...always the first person
I think of when i want to share, or if i just need a special person to confide in. closest best friend...the person
I most want to share the news with when things go right; and the one i rely on when things go wrong.
...a friend who has the ability
To be impartial yet honest,
Loyal yet independent, true yet fair, and always compassionate.
...a voice on the phone that calls me at home to keep up to date on the news... a happy dream from a distant day when imaginations ran wild. My sister is a beautiful woman-who’s a reflection of herself as a child.
...the best there is. The absolute best. And I appreciate everything about her: her beautiful spirit, the intertwining of our lives, and the way she brings so many smiles my way. a breath of spring through the storms of winter, a guiding star in the darkness of night.

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