Single Sex Education

Topics: Education, Gender, Single-sex education Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Single sex education began in 1890, in England, for men only. Education was believed to be for men only because men usually took over the family by providing funds necessary to run a household. Usually women learned only fundamental concepts, such as how to cook, clean, sew and care for children. Women did not attend school; rather, they learned the skill of reading and writing, and some acquired mathematics through private lessons or a tutor, but if they were rich they were sent to a boarding school where the emphasis would be on elegant accomplishments like music, dancing, drawing, painting, embroidery, and even sometimes French. Women were not allowed to further their education after grammar school. If they wished, they could continue their studies privately because a woman's thinking is argued, intuitive, rooted in emotion and intensely subjective. A man's thinking is allegedly analytic, freer from emotion and more objective. For this matter women and men were taught separately.  ​Single sex education was used for providing an excellent education to the man and sometimes the women in those years. Although single gender schools “threatened the principle of equal access,”(Stabiner 18) it also strengthened the minds of those sitting in the classrooms by having so many admirable advantages. By the end of the 18th century some girls were able to attend elementary schools, but only before and after the boys’ had their classes. In 1974 Congress passed The Equal Educational Opportunities Act. “It prohibited discrimination against faculty, staff and students, including racial segregation of students, and required school districts to take action to overcome barriers to study equal participation” (Salomone 10.) The civil rights movement brought about controversies on busing, language rights, desegregation, and the idea of “equal education” (Salomone 12.) The groundwork for the creation of the Equal Educational Opportunities Act first came about with the...
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