Simon Birch Essay

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Courage Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Kaspars Pavasars Nov 27, 2008

Simon Birch Essay

Simon Birch is smaller than normal child. He was born abnormal, the doctors didn’t think he would survive but he did. Simon felt that God had a purpose for him to be a hero of some sort. In his Essay I plan to write about Simon and tolerance.

Simon Birch is a small boy who is determined to find his purpose. Simon faced many challenges due to his size and height. Simon had a hard time playing sport that he liked, but his size and height didn’t stop him from playing. Simon’s parents ignored him and thought he was a failure. This didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted to do. Even thought his parent thought that way, Simon accepted them for who they were. Simon didn’t let anything to stop him from finding his purpose/ being a hero. The town’s people thought he was crazy in his belief, but Simon just ignored them and kept believing in God and his plan.

The town’s people showed allot of tolerance by ignoring Simon and his weird behaviour. People all over town talked about how he is rude and called him a creature (Joe’s Grandmother). Simon ignored all the evil and bad things that where talked about him and about his behaviour. People thought because of Simon’s size he was useless/ In Simon’s mind he was useful and thought he could do anything he set his mind to. Even though the town’s people hated him, they accepted him and deal with him and his behaviour. Everyone except Joe and his mom and Ben thought he was a good kid who had a creative mind.

Even though the entire town’s people even his parent’s thought he was a failure, some people accepted Simon and thought he was a good kid. Father Russell thought what everyone thought about Simon, until Simon saved his life. Due to Simon’s bravery and courage Father Russell lived/survived the accident. Ben also accepted Simon and his behaviour. Ben...
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