Silly Lies

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Such Silly Lies—reality, It’s something that kicks us in the nuts as soon as we exit high school. With such hopes of becoming doctors and lawyers we never really think about what we have to do to accomplish these goals. ‘Such Silly Lies’ tells the story of Maisy Puckett an ex valedictorian for Sea breeze high, five years have gone by without her still being settled on what she wants to do. When her friend Brian throws a reunion at a banquet hall Maisy is hesitant to go but does anyway, that’s when the lies began. With seeing so much success around her Maisy is quick to lie and say she’s writing for a famous paper. Too bad her ex crush Nathaniel Knight is actually an editor and chief at that exact company and he sees her working at McDonalds. A story that will have you laughing in embarrassment and shaking you’re the antics, ‘Such silly Lies’ proves that sometimes life is truly serendipitous. {Jessica Lu} Then there was You.

You promised me forever
Beast ’You see a monster, I see a man’—Okay, so maybe it was a little dumb for her to take such a dare knowing she was afraid of ghost but she did anyway. After all Sunday Amell never backed down from a dare. What she expected to find and what she was when she stepped into the abandoned house were two completely things, one which would change her life forever. Bad Medicine—Jamini Kali was in love with her best friend, too bad he had no interest whatsoever in her. Recovering from her one sided feelings Jamini works as a doctor at the local hospital in town. Her love life at twenty-nine is going down the drain and she can practically feel her biological clock ticking. That is until her college nemesis Carter Rayne transfers hospitals. In this humorous novel discussing the odd things in life, love waits for no one. How Adorable –When Haven moved away to college she expected to be going with her best friend but of course Kira just had to get pregnant. So Haven sets out to California by herself until she stumbles across a ‘roommate wanted’ sign. Needing a place to stay Haven immediately sets up an appointment with Dustin, the only tenant. After signing the lease Haven starts to move in only to realize down the road, that she’s not just living with one guy but six, how adorable. A Fine Mess—what do you get when you add a couples counselor to a high school sweetheart with a dying marriage? = A fine mess is what. When To Catch A Serial Killer—four friends attempt to lure out a small town serial killer but they might get more than they wished for when they actually come face to face with the man or woman responsible for such brutal murders. Girl problems: Avalayna p.o.v: “Hi,”My thick brown eyebrows furrow in question, I try to reply but remember my mouth is filled with food. First of all I have my mouth drenched in salad covered in dressing and a boy was talking to me. I look up at the direction the masculine voice is hailing from and my intial reaction is ‘what the hell? This must be some practical joke,” swallowing the food in my mouth. I wiped my hand across my lips before awkwardly clearing my throat, “Hey,”    "Welcome," One simple word yet it opened so many possibilites as to what was to come. Whether this place was inviting or not, was mystery as Freya stood at the podeum in the middle of the room a dainty smile on her aged face. Her salt and pepper hair was cut in a pixie style just above her ears, she wore a paint splattered apron and acid washed jeans with lime green crocs. Freya was the group councelor  Blown Kisses:

Five minutes past midnight
The Wicked Witch next door
In the ruins of the old world, ‘Into The Lion’s Den’ tells the story of

Names for into a lion’s den:
Lyssophia>>>main charie based off of Athena
Perilous Decisions: They ran but danger followed them. When Quinn Parker meets his mate they are at his best-friends pack inauguration party and she is a...
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