Significance of Love in Eliduc by Marie de France

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To what degree is the psychology of love relationship in ' 'Eliduc ' ' convincing? There is no question as to what Eliduc is feeling in “Eliduc” by Marie de France: love. He has feeling for his wife Guildeluec, and understands his obligations towards her, but that later gets in the way of his feelings for Guilliardun. Despite his disloyalty towards Guildeluec, which he tried his best to avoid, his love for Guilliardun overcame. ‘’Eliduc’’ has a mixture of three diferente types of love; Eros, Philia and Agapé. These types of love help the reader understand the psychology of love relationship in ‘’Eliduc’’.
Knowing whether or not Eliduc was ever in love with his wife in the first place is important in deciding how convincing his love was for Guilliardun. It is not ever specifyed what type of love Guildeluec and Eliduc felt for each other, however we are told that they are loyal to one another. “He had a wife of excellent and influential Family, as finely bred as she was faithful to him. They lived happily for several years, since it was a marriage of trust and love.” When Eliduc meets Gulliardun, he tries his best to stay loyal to his wife, even though he allows himself to get emotionally involved. Perhaps this is because Eliduc and his wife were never truly in love. Knowing this helps in determining the legitimacy of Eliduc’s feelings toward Guilliardun. It is possible that he had never experienced true love before meeting her, and that despite his morals and loyalty to his wife he could not help but have these feelings. Some may frown upon the fact that Eliduc kept his commitment to Gulliardun a secret. This could, however, be seen as affection for his newly found lover. Eliduc may have feared that she would lose her desire for him, causing him to keep his marriage a secret. It could be that these unknown feelings were strong enough for Eliduc to realize what he was missing in his life, and that for the first time he was experiencing true love. What

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