Shrimad Rajchandra

Topics: Shrimad Rajchandra, Poetry, Jainism Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: November 14, 2006

Shrimad Rajchandra was born in 1867 A.D. at Vavania, Saurashtra. His full name was Shri Raichandbhai Ravjibhai Mehta, and he belonged to a well-known merchant community. His father's name was Ravjibhai, and his mother's was Devabai. He was brought up in Jain religious traditions. In his short life span he had entertained all the thought-forms of powerful saints and philosophers. Though he was apparently young, he had a highly advanced Soul. For the first seven years, Shrimad Rajchandra played alone. He always had a strong desire to be victorious, but he had no attachment to wearing clothes, selection of good food, and etc. Also in his early childhood, he was a pet student of his school as well as of his village. Then from ages seven to eleven Shrimad Rajchandra had devoted his life to studies. But before his studies, he possessed all the knowledge of his previous births, which is called Jati Smarana Gnan. It is at this time that he was full of affection and natural sympathy towards all around him. He also began to indulge in the Jain scriptures. Then within two years of school, at the age of nine and half, he had already mastered the study of seven standers. During these two years, at age eight he wrote five thousand stanzas, and then at age nine he composed Ramayana and Mahabharata in verse. At age ten he became mature in his thinking and reasoning. One year later, he started to contribute articles to the newspapers and won many prizes.
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