Should the United States stay out of all foreign affairs?

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Ron Dautel
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Professor Gardner

Should the United States stay out of all foreign affairs?

The United States seems to have deemed themselves as the "Peace Keepers" of the world. Somewhere down the line of history, they have decided that there is a need to regulate any serious issues that are occurring outside of the country itself. Daryl Press defines Isolationism as, "Isolation avoids economic and diplomatic engagement and eschews potential profits from the global economy and the enrichment that sharing ideas and cultures can offer." Basically he is saying that the phrase foreign affair isn't specifically limited to wars. The term also includes financial aid, helping feed, clothe, and house third world countries in need.

The whole world is affected by The United States' inability to restrain themselves in the meddling with other countries' affairs. After the time of World War II, the United States has been going into other countries, in attempt to fix their conflicts. Not only is everyone else affected by these acts, but the Untied States itself is affected as well. An anonymous user on stated that, "If we keep what we have here, we can work out our national debt and we can become more of what we were in past years." They go on to mention how we could make our own higher quality products instead of importing them from other countries. The cost of going to war, or giving third world countries money that the United States is barrowing ends up being mind boggling. If the United States would just stay within their own borders, then it could address the current issues they have inside of their own country. The main issue that needs attention is the economical debt.

It appears that neither a country nor individual has dared to stand up to the suffocating American grip on "world safety". CNN wrote that President Obama even called the United States of America, "the anchor of global security." Every time there is an issue...
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