Should the Schools Give More Homework or Less Homework or Keep the Same Amount

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Should the schools give more homework, less homework or keep the same amount?
Almost every school gives students homework each day. Some teachers decide to give a lot, but some teachers don’t. It depends on what level and which grade students are in. Most teachers and parents think schools giving homework is needed but giving too much homework is also a pressure for students. Schools should balance the amount of homework and stop giving too much homework that students can’t even finish in 2-3 hours.

Homework is a really important assignment that can give us more practice and understand what the subjects are teaching about. Homework stands on a big percentage of grades. Giving too much, however, wastes students’ time and is unneeded. Some students will actually do it, but some students will copy from other people’s work because it is too much for them and they don’t have much patient to finish homework. Teachers should limit homework and let students to do other after-school programs to gain some experience. Giving too much homework can drop some students’ grades, because it makes some students get lazy and eventually not to do it at all.

The reason that teachers give more homework is they want students be on task and have more practice to prepare tests. Some students who do homework don’t help them to get good grades. Some students can get really bad grades even they did it, because they don’t fully understand what the questions are asking; but seems like almost every student who does homework, their grades will look nice. For some good students, even though, teachers give them less homework, they will still find more practice or making themselves to do other activities.

Teachers should make classes level even, and keep the same amount of homework. Helping students more in classes and making sure they understand, stop giving so much homework that students didn’t understand fully about the questions and it can make students crazy, lazy, and tired. Even...
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