Should The North Korea's Nuclear Program?

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Since 2003, North Korea has had a nuclear program. Since then, it has multiplied nuclear tests with the aim of intimidating bordering countries. Currently, in the framework of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, South Korea, China and the United States are expanding their cooperation. The South Korean foreign minister wants to prevent North Korea's nuclear program from weighing on inter-Korean relations. The improvement of these relations would then favor the denuclearization program of the peninsula.
Experts mention that the United States have in consideration a preventive strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities, seeing it as a necessary thing to do before the North obtains a stable ICBM. The problem is that it would be hard
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Both steps are needed for the DPRK to transmit a "clear message" to the Trump administration, according to which it has an effective nuclear disarmament, this official points out.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stressed that he would continue his diplomatic efforts for as long as possible, despite the hijacking of weapons on both shores of the Pacific.
At present, simple possession of nuclear weapons operates as an element of pressure or deterrence amidst political conflicts. In its eagerness to gain a place in the nuclear community on the planet, North Korea has reported developing new types of strategic weapons, including atomic and hydrogen bombs.
The North Korean projectile is a new deterrent to the pressures exerted by the US government for the suppression of its nuclear program. As some experts say, DPRK is actually using its missile and nuclear program as a deterrent, international prestige and coercive diplomacy against USA, just to protect themselves but not to start a
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Continue on the same line as before, with a more peaceful or tougher political discourse but without being followed by military action.
2. Another strategy would be to create even more severe sanctions against North Korea. That would mean the possible starvation of the local population without the consequences of Kim-Jong-d's dictatorial regime and its possible reactions.
3. A diplomatic offensive, so that through China, Kim-Jong-un is brought to the table, but for that to happen, Trump has to offer something to China and the regime Pyongyang. That may mean a loss of influence in the China Sea, amplifying the danger of destabilizing South Korea and Japan.
4. The last option is that of war with consequences that are hard to control. Many experts argue that an armed conflict has great potential for spreading in the area.
Finally, the use of coercive diplomacy and deterrence against North Korea could be a good plan to control DPRK’s development of nuclear power but in the same time it should not be forgotten that the dictator Kim has no known successor and that his state of health, despite his youth, is not as good as it should be. It may as well, that lowering the tone of aggression from US and waiting for the fall of the leader by himself is the best option to conciliate the

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