Should the Cat Population Be Controlled? Research Paper

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Brandy Gibson

Emily Rozmus

English 11

21 December 2012

The cat population in the United States has increased in the last few years. The shelters now can’t keep as many cats, for the cat population is too high. The more cats the shelters get in, the more cats get put down to make room for the new ones. Ohio, and also many other states, need to create a way to lower the population of stray cats. Ohio needs to create a law to maintain a lower population of free roaming and feral cats.

According to Julie Levy, in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, in the United States, the stray cats are suspected to rival that of pet cats, which is 90 million. To help increase the population, many states are going with the new method of trap-neuter-release(TNR). TNR is a method where the stray cats are trapped, taken to a local vet clinic to be neutered, and released after they have healed. Kittens and cats that can be tamed will be put into shelters until adopted. The cats that can’t be tamed will be returned to where they were captured, and watched by local colony caretakers.The cats will be re-trapped later on in their lifetime to give them new vaccinations and medical attention. TNR usage has shown a decrease in the cat population and has also improved the health of cat (State of New Jersey Department of Health).

Ohio needs to create a law to help lower the population, because cats not treated will increase the population more quickly. Two cats and their offsprings can have up to 420,000 cats in just seven years. “Free roaming cats are the primary source of cat overpopulation” (State of New Jersey Department of Health). The cat population is getting out of control. The Ohio government needs to make a law. According to Dr. Sharon Heisler, the cat population is too big because people don't get their cats spayed and neutered like they should. A law from Ohio could help solve this problem.

Another reason Ohio needs to...
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