Should Students Rely on Textbooks or Technology? Why? How Should It Be Properly Applied in Education?

Topics: Education, Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: April 9, 2013
First and foremost, we firmly state that students should rely more on technology, instead of using the same old textbooks. Education must move with the times. What can be done to reach a technology-savvy generation that relies on media every free second of their time? Relying on technology in education has become a trend that is catching on quickly. It has transformed the classroom by creating new opportunities for learning. Studies find that the new generation is highly reliant on wireless devices and phones and rather than fight it, educators can use this to their advantage. Allow us to elaborate further on this. First and foremost, one of the reasons why students should rely on technology is because embracing these tools makes education more interactive. Technology can make learning fun and engaging! Teachers and students might create podcasts, use a software voting tool such as Polleverywhere, or design a digital scavenger hunt. The interactive nature of technology hones in on student learning. Digital books often include free supplemental resources, such as study guides, chapter outlines, and interactive tests that monitor progress and provide immediate feedback. Next, technology makes differential instruction easier. Teachers can use media to meet different learning needs. Technology allows students to be in control of their learning. Many tech tools can help students with disabilities or even translate words for English language learners (ELL) students. Gifted students can research more advanced applications and students who need practice can do so individually. For instance, some districts are using programs like Think through Math, which tutors students online in real time. According to Margaret Honey, director of the Center for Children and Technology (2005), in a 2000 study commissioned by the Software and Information Industry Association, Sivin-Kachala and Bialo (2000) reviewed 311 research studies on the effectiveness of technology on student...
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