Should Schools Serve Fast Food Like Mcdonalds?

Topics: Nutrition, Hamburger, Food Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Julia Kim 1st period
Should Schools serve fast food like MsDonalds?

Fast foods are one of the main reasons of obesity in America. Fast food is a well known food of the American culture, so citizens eat more fast foods than any other country. More and more children are becoming obese from their exposure to fast food at an early age. If schools serve fast food such as Burger King or McDonalds full of fat and sodium, then that would mean some children would have to eat fast food everyday and that would increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and becoming obese. Many Americans eat fast food at least once a week, but imagine how this country would be if children would eat fast food every school day! If schools did serve fast food, it would be like ignoring the health and future of children. First, schools are a place to learn and grow to be healthy and encourage students to be successful adults in the future. That is why there are classes like physical education and sports teams. Serving fast food would keep a child from being healthy and successful in several ways, such as the main problem of eating fast food, obesity. Obesity, in severe cases, could end up to heart failures, cancer, and diabetes. Being obese can make, usually teenage girls, unstable, because that is the age they want to look attractive. Then those girls could be bullied for their weight, and maybe they would end up starving themselves or become anorexic. We do not want that for our country, do we? Second, Fast foods take up an abundant amount of calories out of an average balanced meal for a teenager, which is not a good thing. For example, let’s take the Big Mac burger from McDonalds. It is 550 calories, 260 calories from fat, and 1.5 Trans fat. Trans fat is unlike regular fat, and is usually created artificially when hydrogen gas is reacting with oil. This causes high cholesterol, obesity and offers a higher risk of heart disease. The usual diet for a teenager is about around 2000...

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