Should Religious Leaders Be Political Leaders

Topics: Politics, Religion, Political philosophy, Leadership, Management, Government / Pages: 5 (1210 words) / Published: Jul 4th, 2011
A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. The types of leaders vary but in this case, we will be dealing with the religious and political leaders. A religious leader is one who is recognized by a religious body as having some authority within that body while a political leader is a person actively engaged in politics especially a full time professional member of a deliberate assembly. A political leader can also be a person who is experienced or skilled in the art or science of politics, government or government administration.
In this era, the need to have ethical leaders in politics is wanting. The number of vices is arising at a very alarming rate. Regardless most people insist that politics and church are like oil and water never to be mixed. Religious leaders should strive to lead the people towards the Supreme Being and not away. Religious institutions like churches have been converted into political arenas where the pulpits have been converted into political stands driving away followers who go for spiritual reasons. For instance take Kenya’s very own Bishop Margret Wanjiru and Pius Muiru who have politicized the pulpits and are getting more members into their churches for the wrong reasons. Religion and politics for instance in Palestine everything is related to Islam where people are restricted from doing whatever they want, but instead have to follow the strict rules.
Earlier this month on the 11th September 2010, a pastor by the name Terry Jones threatened to burn copies of the Holy Qur’an and claimed that it was a way to seek honor for those who lost their lives on the September 11th when the world trade center collapsed after a terrorist attack, alleged to be instigated by terrorists of the Muslim religion. The planned Qur’an burning promoted a lot of protest and this just goes to show further that religious leaders cannot be political leaders. But still on the same incident there are religious leaders

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