Should Pueto Rico Become 51st State

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Should Puerto Rico become the fifty-first state?
By: Justin Hemsworth
U.S history Mr. Scott
Period 4

America gained territorial possession of Puerto Rico in 1889. Puerto Rico declared them as a common wealth. There are several reasons why it would be easy to change Puerto Rico from being a U.S. territory to a U.S. state. Puerto Ricans were officially U.S. citizens after the United States military took the Caribbean island in the Spanish-American War. Sixty- five percent of voters in Puerto Rico voted to have Puerto Rico become the fifty-first state. The is a slight downfall to this, if Puerto Rico does become the fifty-first state then the Puerto Ricans will be excepted to speak English. This may be hard for them because eighty-five percent of them only know a little English. Puerto Rico should become the fifty-first state because it is already receiving financial assistance from the U.S. Puerto Rico will get more help from the U.S. if it becomes a state because they would be considered below the poverty line.

Puerto Rico is a major tourist attraction which could help the U.S. financially. However, they are U.S. citizens but they cannot vote. Bringing Puerto Rico into the union would help the U.S. and Puerto Rico as well. The U.S. has to pay a lot of money each year to keep the Puerto Ricans commonwealth. Puerto should become the fifty-first state because the state would benefit from it in return helping the economy. There would be more jobs and a better education. With better education there will be better options than the state has. Puerto Rico should become a state because the government would benefit by receiving additional tax revenue for the money that comes in for tourism each year. Puerto Ricans have been controlled by the United Sates for over one hundred and ten years.
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