Should Gene Testing Be Compulsory to Unborn Children

Topics: Genetics, Pregnancy, Cancer Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Gene testing on unborn children is a revolutionary method that is available to doctors and would-be parents of late. The main objective of gene testing is to know whether parents are carriers of any genes that could hypothetically cause a genetic abnormality. It is important to understand the condition where genetic testing should be recommended in society as there can be benefits of getting the test done on an unborn child. This issue however should not be compulsory because there are many factors that show the risks of genetic testing which can lead to death. Problems can be corrected before the birth of the baby but can cause psychological problems for the parents. The parents should get a choice whether or not the test is done but if it’s compulsory, the parents could find out that their child will have a disease and want to abort the baby. Parents can prepare if they know their child will have a genetic disorder but this comes with a price as not all insurance companies can help with these expenses.

Genetic testing on unborn children can lead to psychological problems for the parents. There are certain problems that can be resolved so that the baby is born with a good health and no risk for the future. Once it is known that the foetus is having or is likely to have a genetic defect, the doctor can successfully condition the birth of a healthy child. If parents know that their child could have such a disease this can put pressure on the parent. This can result in anxiety about the possible results. Some parents can get confused about the condition as in the case whether the baby is known to carry a mutation, but sometimes the parents may not come to the conclusion that the baby will not contract the genetic disorder too. This point also questions the accuracy of the results. In cases where a correction in the womb is not possible, a surgery is conducted soon after delivery, which in most cases is a minor one. Knowing that a surgery is taking place, the...
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