Should Gay Marriage be Legalized?

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Paralanguage, Communication Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Nonverbal Communication
The topic I chose to discuss was question number four. This situational question was perfect for me, because I just went to the Mexican restaurant in the mall this evening for dinner and can relate to the question well. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the nonverbal cue of the waitress, of whom gave me a polite head nod and a smile. The nonverbal communication I got out of that was her kinesics, saying hello and welcoming me into the place. When my boyfriend and I had a seat we were given our menus and had our own verbal conversation. Prior to us deciding what we wanted on the menu, a different waitress came to our table but stood in silence and looked at us wide-eyed. At first this did not make sense but then we soon realized the awkward time of silence of nonverbal communication was only because she did not speak full English and could only write down what the Mexican menu said. (She could understand the menu but not our speaking) A really good example of misconception was seen there and we continued our evening.

While waiting on our meals to be prepared, I began to look around and notice the different designs, artifacts, and other individuals in the restaurant. The first people I noticed were the group of what looked like college kids from Heidelberg University. There were two guys and one girl, and their communication was very verbal, so I will not include all the details about them. The first nonverbal actions I noticed after our food arrived were by two middle aged guys. They looked as if they had a hard day’s work, wearing jeans, construction boots, and paint splatters from head to toe. It was quite obvious the two were friends by the nonverbal cues they sent off to observers such as me. They sat across from one another one man leaning sideways with his legs up in the booth, and the other man sat with his legs wide open and elbows on the table. (They looked relaxed) Their kinesics action was them using their hands...
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