Short Story: The Insane Asylum Ship

Topics: Coast guard, United States Coast Guard, Ship Pages: 5 (1114 words) Published: December 13, 2016

The Insane Asylum Ship
Luke Larr 6th hour
"Alright crew, are you ready to get this show on the road?" Asked Jamison, the captain of the little but might barge named 'Peyton Lacombe'.
"Yes captain!" Responded Luke Larr, first mate of the old vessel.
"Where's the rest of the crew?" Jamison questioned.
"In the galley I believe," responded Luke.
"Alright, get the hatches ready for sailing, because we're leaving in one minute!" stated Jamison.
"Aye aye captain!" Said Luke bounding down the stairway.
After about a minute or so the horn was sounded and the journey started. They had to travel quite a distance through the Panama Canal, starting at Florida, ending at California, there being load was wood. The days ahead had good weather, but were...

But still no respond, like some disease has made them go insane. That's what it is, Jamison thought! He read this article about how some disease in wood can cause you to loose it, and wood was exactly the thing they were hauling. Slowing moving, Jamison started to make his way to the wheel house to use the only phone on the boat , but that meant going past the two insane crew members. All of a sudden the two insane men started clawing the walls and screaming their heads off!
"The demons! The demons! " screamed one! The other man was screaming so loud Jamison couldn't listen, or he'd go deaf! Running now, Jamison bolted up the stairs, pushing them out of the way. His only goal was to get to the phone, not caring how! When he arrived he ripped the phone off the wall and dialed in the coast guards phone number.
"Hello, this is the coast guard. Please report you emergency." Started a member of the coast guard.
"Yes, this is the captain of the 'Peyton Lacombe' speaking," said Jamison, " and my emergency is that the horrid wooded disease is upon my ship, and has infected my crew! There all mad I tell you!" Jamison said now...
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