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Topics: YouTube, Saturday Night Live, The Lonely Island Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Skylar Doeden
Cassidy: English 121
YouTube can be a very useful platform for people to use and build their careers. Talent scouts, judges for competitions, and bands often search YouTube for unique or significant talents that have been posted. Users can not only post ideas for fun, they can earn money from each of the video’s “Hits” and depending on how many hits it has, make a living off of YouTube. Success stories from YouTube are few and far between, but when one appears it tends to be recognized because of pure raw talent.

A good example of an extremely rare success story built off of social media is the lead singer of Journey’s story. The previous singer (Steve Perry) took a leave from the band to have surgery done. While the other members of the band could not wait to be on tour, they began searching for a new singer to replace Steve. They began their search at YouTube by setting up a contest where users sent in videos of themselves singing songs written by Journey as they judged who performed the best. The winner happened to be a homeless Philippino man living in California. He was a first-time user of YouTube and he sent in a single video and received a response from the members of Journey asking him to audition for them. He is now on tour with them and has been for a few years. His whole career was built on a four minute video posted on a social media website. This shows that a single moment can change a person’s life forever. One post, one click, one thought contributed toward YouTube or any social media website can make a difference in peoples’ lives and possibly an entire community, such as the rock community with the change in Journey.

Another good example of how YouTube can be used to change a persons’ life is the story behind Andy Samberg as mentioned in the “YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture” article. Andy Samberg posted “Lazy Sunday” and his career rapidly took off. He has spent years with the cast of Saturday Night...
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