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Topics: Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, Human rights Pages: 15 (4462 words) Published: October 21, 2008
Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation

Charmaine Catroppa

Thompson Rivers University Open Learning

ADMM 460: Business and Society

Assignment 3: Research Report on Issues Related to the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam and the Sustainable Development Initiatives of Royal Dutch Shell.

Student #: 100098805

September 2008

Part A: Discussion Case on “Damming the Yangtze River”3 Conflicting Social Costs3
Conflicting Economic Costs5
Conflicting Environmental Costs6
Global and Regional Issues and Impacts17
Biases, Perspectives or Experiences Influencing My Views on Various Costs and Benefits17 Part B: Report on Ways Royal Dutch Shell is Transforming to More Sustainable Operations22 Introduction22

External Forces or Influences22
Internal Forces or Influences31
Global Impacts of Sustainable Development Initiatives31
Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Development31

Part A: Discussion Case on “Damming the Yangtze River”

Describe some of the conflicting social, economic, and environmental costs, benefits, and issues associated with construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Remember to consider the global as well as local and regional issues and impacts (or potential future impacts) of construction and operation of this dam (25 marks).

“If a decision was undertaken on undemocratic and unscientific grounds then the laws of nature will mirthfully punish us and we will pay even more dearly” - Sun Xu Chi

Conflicting Social Costs

- Relocation
- Destroying of villages, homes, and farms
- Embezzlement by corrupt officials of Government aid (relocation funds) - Protests not being heard

“One crucial aspect of the Three Gorges dam project which until now has received little public attention is that of the project’s potential for causing major human rights violations in the proposed reservoir region. The present report focuses upon two main issues of concern: first, the Chinese government’s continuing suppression of dissenting viewpoints on the Three Gorges dam including a decades-long tight restriction on public information and debate, extending most recently to the actual arrests of political activists opposed to the dam’s construction; and second, the human rights issues that surround the forced resettlement of more than one million current and future inhabitants of the Three Gorges reservoir area and the rights of workers on the dam site….

…The two provinces most affected by the Three Gorges dam, Sichuan and Hubei, both contain numerous political and religious prisoners held in China’s laogai system of penal labor camps.” (

Human Rights Watch. (1995, February). Recommendations, In The Three Gorges Dam in China Forced Resettlement, Suppression of Dissent and Labor Rights Concerns (Section VII) Retrieved September, 2008, from

“The relocation process has also brought about unrest with the targeted people as well as claims of human rights violations. According to the Human Rights Watch(1995), any opposition to the project, whether it be literary works or protest actions, have been dealt with almost immediately via position dismissal for government officials to arrests for political activists. China’s use of penal labor camps have also brought about concerns from many human rights groups.” (

“Over 10 million Chinese have been relocated by dam-related projects throughout China’s history, 46% of them living in extreme poverty. Of the 1.2 million relocated so far by the Three Gorges Dam, 500,000 are peasant farmers, many of whom earn just 1/3 of the World Bank poverty level of $1 per day. The resetllers were not offered substantial compensation to cover the cost of new housing. Most were moved into to urban centers near Chongqing, or...

References: “The 22.5 billion U.S. dollar project was launched in 1993.” – Sept. 08, 2008
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