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Table of Contents
Effective Employee Selection3
Final Assessment4
Rationale for the employee selection4
Strategy Influenced by Other Factors4
Internal factors4
External factors5
Training programs6
Tailored Training6
Leadership Program6
On-the-job learning7
Off-the-job learning7
Rationale for the training programs7
The strategy influenced by other factors8
Internal factors8
External factors8
Performance Management9
Board Evaluation9
Controls and Procedures9
Performance Share Plan10
Rationale for performance management11
Strategies Influenced by Other Factors11
Internal Factors11
External Factors12
Human Resource Management strategy12
Performance Management12
Successful of performance management of Shell13
Human Resource Management strategy14
Human Resource Development14
Successful of Human Resource Development of Shell15


Human Resources are important issues in managing a company successfully. In Human Resources Management (‘HRM’), it has combined by a lot of areas, such as effective selection of staff, international human resources management and etc. In this report, it will introduce what Royal Dutch Shell (‘Shell’) done in HRM, what strategies they use and why they are be successful. It focuses mainly on effective employees’ selection, human resources developments, performance management, remunerations and rewards of Shell. Each part will mention factors influenced by internal and external factor, the rationales of using strategies and what Shell did on each part.

Effective Employee Selection

Shell has provided a variety of job positions for suitable candidates to apply for jobs at their own choices. Shell will select candidates who possess bachelor degree, master degree or PhD degree to apply for all kinds of job positions. Shell believes that those candidates selected will eventually help Shell to provide quality of services and techniques after trainings.

Shell has provided detailed information and instructions for all candidates in making on-line applications via internet. “Job Search” engine at Shell’s website has also been designed for candidates, who could immediately find their desired vacancies and submit their application immediately through internet. When the candidates complete and submit applications, they will receive acknowledgements within 48 hours. For suitable candidates, Shell will invite them for interviews within 2 weeks from the date of submission. In addition, Shell has also designed and provided “Job Alerts” function for people, who are difficult to find their desired vacancies from Shell in the past. This function is to alert people for job opportunities in future when their desired vacancies are being offered and match with their resume.

Shell will invite suitable candidates for interviews, which will be held via face-to-face meeting(s) or by telephone inquiries. Through the interview, Shell will evaluate candidates how Capacity, Achievement, Relationship Skills and Technical Skills (‘CART’) are carried out. Before the end of the interview, Shell will provide adequate time for candidates to ask questions about working environment, corporate culture and etc. Final Assessment

The successful candidates being selected after interviews will be given with an opportunity to take a final assessment. This final assessment will take 4-hour time to finish designated tasks, which include Case Study, Group Discussions, Scenario Practice and Final Interview. Having passed the final assessment, candidates will be given with an opportunity to get more insight about the job position, rewards and fringe benefits.

Rationale for the employee selection

The rationale for the employee selection by Shell is to select for the company suitable employees, who...
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