Shay's Rebellion

Topics: Samuel Johnson, Federalism, A Dictionary of the English Language Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 15, 2013
Shay’s Rebellion

Daniel Shay’s rebellion showed the weakness of a limited government.

p.216, 220
Bailey, Thomas Andrew, David M. Kennedy, and Lizabeth Cohen. The
American Pageant. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998. Print.
Boyer, Paul S. The Enduring Vision. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2009. Print.

Gazette, Hampshire, comp. "A Crostick." The Gazette [Deerfield] 6 June 1787: n. pag. Print. A crostick is a poem that forms a vertical word from the first letters of each line. In this poem, the word "INSURGENTS" is formed with a verse that has nothing good to say about these men. The Regulators are called vengeful, seditious, jail-birds, and debtors who choose not to pay. The writer says that this word is not explained by Johnson or Bayley (Bailey). The first edition of Samuel Johnson's dictionary was published in 1755. Nathan Bailey first published his in 1736. These would have been the most commonly used dictionaries in the 1780's.

Doolittle, Amos. The Looking Glass of 1787. 1781. Photograph. N.p. This Connecticut cartoon appeared in 1787 at the height of the ratification debates over the proposed Federal Constitution. In Connecticut, as elsewhere, those favoring ratification were called Federalists; their opponents were referred to as Antifederalists. The artist of this cartoon, who is possibly Amos Doolittle, favored ratification. Connecticut is represented by a wagon sinking into the mud under its heavy load of debts and paper money as the two faction pull the wagon in opposite directions. The man in the wagon states "Gentlemen this Machine is deep in the mire and you are divided as to its releaf." To the left, under a sunny sky, are the five Federalist councilors. On the right, under a stormy sky issuing lightning bolts, are six of the seven Antifederalist councilors, one...
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