Shark and Spiny Dogfish

Topics: Shark, Fish anatomy, Digestion Pages: 4 (754 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Week 10 – Vertebrates

• This week we cover the spiny dogfish.
• For this week, read pages 27, 35-38, 45-50 in laboratory manual. • It’s best to include the pages from the manual next to your answers to make it easier to go back and find the info later when studying.


1. What type of animal is the spiny dogfish?

2. What does the term “spiny” indicate about the spiny dogfish?

3. A. Are sharks members of the group Chordata?

B. Why?

4. Describe the distinguishing characteristics of Chondrichthyes.

a. Skeleton:
b. Scales:
c. Ear:
d. Organ used for fertilization:
e. Fertilization type:
f. Organ used for buoyancy:

5. What animals belong to the group Chondrichthyes?

6. What does gnathostome mean?


7. A. What does it mean to say that sharks have fusiform bodies?

B. What is the function of this body shape?

8. What is a heterocercal tail?

9. What is the function of a spiracle in a shark?

10. A. What is another name for placoid scales?

B. What is the function of placoid scales?

11. What is the function of the abdominal pores?

12. What is a clasper?

13. How can you tell if a shark is a male or female just by looking at it?

14. A. What do the cells of the lateral line system detect?

B. What other functions does the lateral line system have?

15. A. What is meant by a “primary tongue?”

B. What is a true tongue? (You may have to look this up).

16. What are gill rakers?

17. What is the shape of a shark’s stomach?

18. A. What is the function of the rugae in the stomach?

19. When you’re dissecting the digestive system, how will you know the difference between the duodenum and the colon?

20. The lab manual says that the...
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