Shall We Dance

Topics: Social dance, Dance, Waltz, Partner dance / Pages: 18 (4363 words) / Published: Dec 3rd, 2012
|Shall We Dance? |
| |
|Bible study on dancing. |
|As with many things, dancing can be either good or bad depending on the details. |
|Dancing Defined |
|Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines dancing as "to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner." |
|There are many forms of dancing. |
|For example, a child joyfully jumping around, moving in a lively and spirited manner when receiving a present, is dancing. This is |
|similar to David's dancing when bringing the ark into Jerusalem (1 Ch. 15:29). |
|Usually, though, when we talk about dancing, we mean a social event where a couple rhythmically moves to music, such as occurs at a |
|school dance or night club. |
|Not All Dancing Is Sinful |
|There are several examples of dancing in the Old Testament that weren't sinful. |
|Some people danced alone, some danced with the same gender in celebration, some danced for joy, and some danced to praise God. |
|Solomon says, "There is an appointed time for

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