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Pratik Kumar Dutta
Birth Date: 20 Feb 1988 Birth Place: Mumbai

Pratik Kumar Dutta
Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth Ayanmash Local Mean Time Sidreal Time LT Correction Obliq 20 Feb 1988 Saturday 03:15:00 PM Mumbai (Maharashtra), India NC Lahiri 14:36:20 0:34:32 38:40:0 23.44

Avkahada Chakra
Lagna Lagna Lord Rashi Rashi Lord Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord Charan Tithi Paya S.S. Yoga Karan Varna Tatwa Vashya Yoni Gana Nadi Nadi Pada Vihaga First Letters Sun Sign Decanate Gemini Mercury Pisces Jupiter U.Bhadra Saturn 4 Chaturthi Shukla Copper Sadhya Vanija Brahmin Akash Jalachar Cow(F) Manushya Madhya Madhya Shikkaval Du, Tha, Jha Aquarius 1

Rashi Months Tithi Day Nakshatra Prahar Lagna Yoga Karan Mesh Phalgun 5, 10, 15 Friday Ashlesha 4 Singha Vajra Chatuspad

Favourable Points
Lucky Numbers 2 Good Numbers 1, 2, 7, 9 Evil Numbers Good Years Lucky Days Good Planets Evil Planets 6, 8 11,20,29,38,47, Wed, Fri, Sat Merc, Ven, Sat Jupiter, Saturn

Friendly Signs Leo Vir Lib Good Lagna Lucky Metal Lucky Stone Lucky Time Vir, Sag, Aqu, Ari Bronze Emerald 2 hrs after Sunrise

Lucky Direction North

Made by

Pratik Kumar Dutta

Planetary Positions at Birth Time
Planets Ascendant Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Moon Rahu Ketu Uranus Neptune Pluto Direct Retro Direct Dir Rashi Gemini Aquarius Capricorn Pisces Lord Mercury Saturn Saturn Jupiter Jupiter Mars Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Mercury Jupiter Jupiter Venus Degrees 21:49:29 7:16:56 19:38:47 19:5:43 4:56:52 2:55:13 6:49:32 15:33:8 0:48:30 0:48:30 6:31:2 15:47:60 18:53:2

Nakshatra-Qtr Punarvasu-1 Satabhisha-1 Sravana-3 Revati-1 Moola-2 Ashwini-1 Moola-3 U.Bhadra-4 P.Bhadra-4 Uttara-2 Moola-2 P.Sada-1 Swati-4

Lord Jupiter Rahu Moon Mercury Ketu Ketu Ketu Saturn Jupiter Sun Ketu Venus Rahu



Father Intellect Spouse

Friendly House


Direct Sagittarius Direct Aries

Courage Friendly House Wealth Longevity Mother Desire Emancipation Enemy House Friendly House Friendly House

Direct Sagittarius Direct Retro Retro Pisces Pisces Virgo

Direct Sagittarius Direct Sagittarius Retro Libra

Lagna Kundali
4 3 2

Ascendant Moon


5 6 7 Neptune Pluto Mars Ketu Venus 12



Rahu Sun

Saturn 9 8 10

Uranus Mercury

Made by

Pratik Kumar Dutta

Predictions Specific Characterstics
You will have religious spirit and an inclination to extremism and fanaticism. Love-affairs may lead you to have disputes and quarrels with powerful enemies. You should exercise your 'willforce' to overcome your corrupt sympathies and morbid enthusiasm, otherwise you may lose your position through the acts of your false friends and accusations of your secret enemies. You will have a kind, warm disposition and a genial nature - although inconstant, yet very sympathetic. Your inherent merits will raise you to a high position and will confer much success and wealth. You may have inconstancy in your marriage state, even may have two marriages or extra-marital affairs. You will have a passionate nature, infected with an utter disregard of the consequences of action. A certain degree of religious or fanatical enthusiasm will lead you to fanciful projects which may bring in disappointments for you. You may incur losses by strifes and enmities, and by secret means. You may have some trouble in marriage state, which may even lead to separation. Female influences on you are likely to be detrimental; but by God's grace, you will be always be back in track by receiving assistance from friends in high places. Your nature fluctuates between two extremes at times, whereas you may be very audacious at other times. By exercising your 'will-force', you should check this tendency; otherwise people may consider you unreliable, and you may lose the opportunities of advancement.

Mental Qualities
You are sort of a versatile genius having quick understanding and good judgment. You are...
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