Sex Offender Registry Paragraph

Topics: Sex offender, Sex offender registration, Sexual intercourse Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: March 21, 2011
The safety of potential victims and the rights to privacy of convicted sex offenders has been an Issue that has in recent years been debated much in the media. When a victim, for example a child is brutally assaulted and murdered, one’s emotion may run high which may result into public outrage. In 1988 Christopher Stephenson , an 11 year old Brampton boy was sexually assaulted and left to bleed to death by a previously convicted sex offender (FRISCOLANTI 01/14/20008). As a result, Ottawa was advised that a national sex offender registry be created, though they did not act upon the recommendation. At this point, some Europeans and every U.S. state had or were in the process of making a national sex offender registry; however Jean Chrétien the Prime Minster at the time were not prompted. Compared to _________________________The responses sparked what was the first of its kind in Canada, and on April 21, 2001 Christopher’s Law (Sex offender registry) was passed, this made Ontario the only province with a sex offender registry (FRISCOLANTI 01/14/20008). Since Christopher’s Law was passed, all convicted sex offenders in Ontario had to be put into the registry ( ). Despite the fact that the registry was around in Ontario since 2001 and offered to the federal government for free, it was not until December 2004 that Ottawa had passed the National Sex Offender Registry; however, because inclusion was not mandatory, and had to be judge-issued, Ontario had decided to keep their provincial registry (Blackwell 4/18/2006). The creation of the National Sex Offender Registry, allowed police officers to access the sex offender registry to aid them in a case. That aside, many people thought that the system was flawed.
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