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Adolescent Essay
Sexual minority is a term to describe people that having sexual orientation, identity and behavior that is rarely appear in the norm or society or different from majority. Example of sexual minority included gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) and definitely the majority will be heterosexual. However, the trend is changing as more and more people aware and accepts itself as homosexual. The subtle change in the ratio of the 2 populations had been brought a great reformation on the worldview to the sexual minority.

Nowadays, the point of view toward sexual minority was changed in some country as compared to totally restricted on homosexual behavior in past century. For example, some states such as Vermont, Lowa and Massachusetts in United States of America have accepted and allow the same sex couples to marry. But that is not the case for some conservative countries; anything will be seemed as illegal and violated the law when it related to homosexual. One of the countries that held this view is Malaysia. According to Sin-chew newspaper, one of Malaysia’s politicians has proposed a new law to prevent invasion of homosexual. He held the view that the homosexual person will ruin their national religious and humiliated the national constitution. Besides, there is some association that published some guideline that claim to identify the sexual orientation of people.

One of the most famous guideline was published by Yayasan Guru Malaysia Bhd and Putrajaya Consultative Council of Parents and Teachers Associations. It listed some “symptoms” of gay and lesbian that claimed it could helped to identify homosexual person and use by teachers in primary school. However, what is the purpose of such a move? Classify people? So they can be dealt with and to prevent them from becoming gays and lesbians? Without a doubt the so-called “symptoms” are superficial and reflect a mind-set dependent on pseudo-science. The word “symptoms” explain everything, it stigmatized those LGBT people. Those “symptoms” maybe not use to idendify but discriminate LGBT students. In similar situations which have occurred here in Malaysia and around the world, this has resulted in mental and physical abuse, bullying, torture and even rape. We have to maintain school as a place of learning not place of discrimination and intolerance.

Besides, the guideline was consisted lots of weakness. Lack of scientific proven is one of the problems of this guideline. In fact, sexuality will not establish until late puberty. Adolescent need some time to strengthen their identity and maybe will display more androgny characteristic. Therefore, the guideline is not suitable identify primary school’s students that was too young. Furthermore, it was a dangerous move to give guidelines to teachers who are not trained to do so, according to consultant paediatrician Dr Sim Joo Seng as reported by The Star. “Even trained psychologists and adolescent psychiatrists have to assess properly when dealing with sexual problems.”, he said. To determine one’s sexuality, a deep, day-to-day behavioural observation followed up by psychologists’ analysis are needed, not just simply according to norm or some behaviors.

The “symptoms” of the guideline was lack of validity too. It was not measured the sexuality of people but measure something unrelated. In the ‘lesbian symptoms’, the third point states ‘a preference for hanging out, sleeping and dining with women’ as one of the traits. However, it is very common behaviour among best friends forever. For gay, the “symptoms” were more lie on the physical appearance to determine one’s sexuality. Look around and you shall find men in V-neck tees, toting a big bag or pastel-coloured clothes. Those items are in trend, thus heavily worn by our male counterparts despite their sexuality. Many of evidences show that the guideline was not valid and heavy stereotyped on LGBT. Therefore, the guideline should not spread and...

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