Sex Education and Children

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November 20, 2011
Steve Ryan
American Military University
111 W. Congress Street
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Dear Mr. Ryan:
I am writing this essay not only to complete the assignment requirement for this week but also to debate the topic of sex education versus abstinence. I chose to research this topic and discuss it because it is a very important and touchy subject. Anyone with kids has found or will find themselves at the mercy of this decision sooner or later. As a mom of three children myself, I want to ensure I am educated on the subject before it comes time for me to make the decision. I learned a great deal from completing this assignment this week. Because I have not yet been faced with the decision of what I want to teach my children, it is a little scary coming to my conclusion. I attended private school growing up and they did not teach us sex education. My parents did not talk to me about it either. I was forced to find out from my peers and really was unsure what I wanted to do with my own life. This really helped me in the quest toward how I will approach this with my own kids. I do not believe I had any difficulties during this assignment. The research for this assignment was easily found and all of it made sense. I am used to struggling a bit to find all the resources to use to adequately show all the information required. I really enjoyed this assignment this week. As I stated early, it served multiple purposes for me since I am looking at the future of my own children. This assignment killed two birds with one stone and I was thankful to have the opportunity to not just complete an assignment. Any time I can add a personal touch or decision to an assignment, certainly makes it that much more enjoyable for me. This topic certainly concerns me. My children are 13, 12 and 8. I am finding that as time goes by, children are experiencing things much sooner than I did as a child. My eight year old has already expressed something of a sexual nature that really had me concerned. I was almost appalled at having to sit down with him and explain some things of a sexual nature. If you would have asked me when I had my first child when I thought I would be having this conversation, I would have thought teenage years. I hope you will enjoy reading my essay. I had a ton of fun researching for and writing this paper. Sincerely,

Tiffany D. Naylor
Tiffany Naylor
Steve Ryan
English 102
18 Nov 2011
Sexual Education or Abstinence?
There are times, as parents, where a decision is required that is simply not simple. Can you remember back to school days and the dreaded topic of sexual education? Do you remember the content of the class? Now, consider making the decision for your own child. What may have been a topic of embarrassment or humor now becomes a serious decision. How do you think you would approach this topic in your own life? There are three options when it comes to sex education. A school can teach the full sexual education class, they can teach it with an emphasis on abstinence, or they could choose to not teach it at all. A sex education class which teaches the entire thing will teach anything from types of sexually transmitted diseases to how to put on a condom. Some classes can even go as far as to hand out condoms in the class. Other classes will touch on the subject itself but with a statement that abstinence is the best way. The third option is to not teach anything at all. So, as a parent, what would you say? “Parents can have a significant effect on their children’s sexual risk-taking, and numerous interventions have been developed to support and encourage parents to talk to their children about sex” (Gard, 56). Some parents are not comfortable talking to children about sex. This is where sex education in classes comes in handy. No one is saying not to talk to children as parents ourselves. It is simply suggesting letting the experts handle it and then share our beliefs after they are provided the...

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