Sewer: Sewage Treatment and Septic Tanks

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Drainage and Sewerage System
for the Municipality of Kabute

You are part of the team planning for the drainage and sanitation/sewerage system of the Municipality of Kabute.

The present number of inhabitants of Kabute is about 320,000. An increase is expected at a rate of 2.5% annually at least for a period of 10 years to come. After that a certain leveling off must be realized. A map of the municipality is presented in Annex 1.

The map indicates the presently sewered zones of the municipality A and Band the places where they discharge into the sea and the harbor. The neighborhoods have been named A, B, C, etc.

These sewer discharge the wastewater of about 45,000 inhabitants plus sewage from public and commercial sector. Most of these inhabitants live in poblacion in the center of the municipality. In this center also hotels, government buildings, workshops, banks, hospitals, schools are found.

A serious problem is the pollution of the seashore and especially the nice beaches. High E. coli counts indicate severe fecal pollution. This is the first problem you have to solve.

Heavy rainfalls occur in the municipality of Kabute especially in the months of May until August. It is generally dry the rest of the year. The rainfall may lead to flooding of the lower parts of the city. After flooding there is a marked increase in the incidence of dengue at the poblacion and malaria at the outskirts of the municipality. Flooding also causes damage to public and private properties.

During the dry periods, there is a severe lack of irrigation water in the market gardens that surround the Municipality of Kabute. The market-gardens are especially found on both sides of the small river T. Daga. This river has a very low flow-rate in the dry seasons. At that the water is polluted.

Water supply to Municipality of Kabute is from Tsampyon River. Water from a reservoir is taken for treatment and pumped to the municipality over a...
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