Seven National Health Policies And Overall Impact On The Srilankan Human Development Index Case Study

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Explain the seven National Health Policies and overall impact on the Srilankan Human Development Index (HDI) with the evidence.
National Health Policy: National Health Policy tactics and plans play an important role in describing a nation's vision, precedence, and budgetary conclusions also way of action for improving and maintaining the health of people.
National Health Policy Composed by the proverty reduction Policy, the purposes of the national health policy will realized over the ensuing policies:
Reinforcement district health services are important medical and community health packages to be provided therefore load of disease, rudimentary death rates, motherly
In addition, infant deaths are reducing and lifetime expectation...

While EPI was recognized above 40 years before. Its effort on vaccinating infants with the boundary number of outmoded vaccines. Countries want to ensure strong mechanism that permits report to creating conclusion about immunization precedence and the overview of new programme approaches vaccine, and expertise. Now a day the vaccines world has changed dramatically.
The improvement and obtainability of numerous new vaccines pointing a variation of age groups the emergence of new technologies rise community effort on vaccine safety issues improved processes for regulation and authorization of vaccines, the requirement to develop the immunization program with concern of all age groups and exact at risk inhabitants are demanding increased attention. (World Health Organization, 2017)


Because of that proper management and maintenance should be introduced to the laboratory. As mentioned above, the number of workers that is going to be recruited to the laboratory should be decided according to the size of the laboratory. This laboratory location is in urban area. So it is better to have more space. That means it should be more spacious because urban laboratories will have more patients. Because of that high number of test will be there to do daily. To increase the efficiency of the laboratory, automated devices should be introduced. And also more staff/high number of staff should be recruited to the laboratory because the workload will be very high. (Cooper, 1994)
The place of the laboratory is specified as Colombo area. That means the location is an urban area. Therefore there will be more patients in the area. And the frequency of the test will be very high. The laboratory should be equipped with all kind of required equipment. The work load will be high in an urban area laboratory. And also other important thing is that the workload should be done within given particular time period. According to the size of the laboratory, laboratory staff should be recruited. Proper management of the laboratory is very important to have a good laboratory service. (Cooper,...
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