Service Request SR-rm-022 paper part 1

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Hugh McCaughley, Chief Operations Officer of Riordan Manufacturing has requested a new system for the Human Resources department of their company which would be implemented and utilized at three plant locations and the company headquarters. To build the new human resources system properly, information must be collected from various areas of Riordan Manufacturing, and the information will be collected in a variety of ways. This information must then be used to determine such items as scope of the project which can allow for feasibility studies to ensure the system should be implemented, Stakeholders and sources of information

The first order of business for information collecting would be to identify the stakeholders for the new system. The stakeholders are the people who will be directly affected by the new system. While it is true that this is a Human Resources system and it will technically affect every employee in the company as it will contain sensitive information about employees and controls the payroll systems so the employees can be paid, the stakeholders are actually the people who use the system on a regular basis. These stakeholders will be the primary people from which information for the requirements of the system will be collected. Below is a list of the stakeholders that must be interviewed for the new systems requirements: Hugh McCaughley – Riordan manufacturing Chief Operations Officer. He must be included as he oversees all operations and systems of Riordan Manufacturing. He will have the greatest knowledge of the human resources system currently in place and all other systems in the company. Yvonne McMillian – Director of Human Resources for Riordan Manufacturing. Her knowledge of the overall workings and requirements of the entire human resources system currently in place will be valuable. She understands how the human resources department works and what needs it has in regards to the system and information access. Andrea Garnby – Employee Relations manager for Riordan Manufacturing. Andrea’s constant access of multiple different employee and policy files can assist greatly in determining best ways of data access and delivery. He understanding of employee files and information will help greatly. Terri Carranza – Compensation and Benefits manager for Riordan Manufacturing. Since Riordan Manufacturing’s benefits programs are outsourced to other insurance and retirement providing companies, Terri will be quite valuable in determining what external sources and systems the new human resources system will need to connect and share information with Sivija Paterson – Payroll Manager for Riordan Manufacturing. Sivija’s knowledge of the payroll area of the human resources system currently in place makes Savija a valuable source of information for the research of the new system. Chad Sterken – Safety manager for Riordan Manufacturing. Chad can assist in determining the requirements of the system for safety and accident reporting and what legal and government documentation must be easily accessed from the new system. While there will be other employees and users of the system that will be interviewed, this list above is of the primary, and possibly most valuable, sources of information for the new system. These managers and executives of Riordan Manufacturing should have the most knowledge of the current system and be able to provide the most insight on what the requirements of the new system would be. Information collecting processes

During the information gathering phase of the project, multiple strategies and methods should be used to gather relevant information to properly plan and design the new human resource system. The first step would be interviewing the users of the system. This would include the stakeholders as listed above along with other employees and managers who regularly utilize the current human resources system. Interview schedules must be set up for each of these employees,...

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