Service Request Sr Rm 022

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Service Request Part 1

Service Request Part 1

Riordan Manufacturing is a global producer and manufacturer in the global plastics industries and has about 550 people that have a projected annual earning of over $46 million dollars. Riordan has a manufacturing plant located in Albany, GA that is capable of producing plastic beverage containers, another plant that is located in Pontiac MI that is capable of producing custom plastic parts, and another plant located in Hangzhou, China that produces plastic fan parts. The corporate offices and research and development department of Riordan are located in San Jose, California. Riordan Manufacturing is part of Riordan industries Inc. and this company is a fortune 1000 enterprise and it has revenues that exceed 1 billion dollars ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2013).

The COO of Riordan manufacturing Mr. Hugh McCauley has given a Service Request SR-rm-022 to Smith Services Consulting Inc. Mr. Hugh would like Smith services to integrate an existing variety of human relations tools within a single integrated application that would use the human relations existing tools. This request from the COO will have an affect on all plant locations for Riordan Manufacturing. Riordan is trying to take advantage of new technology and be more sophisticated in ways of operating there Human Resources department. Some of what is expected from Riordan Manufacturing is that the Human Resources department will be capable of meeting the business requirements needed in order for a successful system to support this department. The main object is to create a system with a detailed system design and implement a plan in order to fulfill this project. ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2013). Smith Services Consulting Inc. has asked me to be the lead systems analyst to help with the newly proposed HR system. This business wants current resources and these resources must be defined before the analysis can begin. This newly proposed Human...

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