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Topics: Service system, Marketing, Services management and marketing Pages: 23 (7815 words) Published: April 13, 2013
International Journal of Service Industry Management
Emerald Article: Service portraits in service research: a critical review Bo Edvardsson, Anders Gustafsson, Inger Roos

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Service portraits in service research: a critical review
Bo Edvardsson, Anders Gustafsson and Inger Roos
Service Research Center, University of Karlstad, Karlstad, Sweden Abstract
Purpose – Focusing on one main research question: how is the phenomenon “service” portrayed within service research?, the aim is to describe and analyze how the concept of service is defined, how service characteristics express the concept, the relevance of the existing “service portraits”, and to suggest a new way of portraying service. Design/methodology/approach – A literature search was carried out in order to find definitions of the service concept and expressions about the service characteristics. Databases were searched and 34 articles were used for further analysis. The same procedure was carried out for service characteristics. The articles that were chosen by the databases were reviewed thoroughly and those most relevant to the search topic were chosen. Sixteen leading scholars who had been shaping the service research field were also asked two basic questions. Findings – The analysis of the concept of service and service characteristics shows that the...
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