Sensory Awareness Activities

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101 Nature Activities from Sanborn Western Camps This is my Classroom I have trees for walls I have the sky for a roof I have the ground for a floor The wind is like an air conditioner The sun is like a heater The rock that I am sitting on is like a desk. 6th grade student

Sensory Awareness Activities
1. Magic Eye: This activity stresses the full use of the sense of sight. Subtle patterns, textures, forms and colors pop into clear focus through the Magic Eye. A Magic Eye can be a piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle, a knothole in a piece of wood, or even a circle made with your thumb and index finger. The Magic Eye can be held at varying distances from your eye to focus on different things. Start by holding it next to your eye and looking through the hole at any object you choose. Slowly stretch your arm out toward this object, always looking through the Magic Eye. When your arm is at full length, look carefully at what you have framed. If it is close enough walk up and examine it closely. Choose another object for scrutiny through the Magic Eye. 2. Deer Stalking: Two players are blindfolded and designated as the deer and the stalker. The other players form a circle around these two. Within the confines of this circle, the stalker tries to tag the deer by listening to footsteps, breathing and other deer noises, while the deer tries to keep away the stalker. The outside circle must be absolutely quiet, for any noise will be distracting to the participants. If the stalker does not catch the deer within a certain time limit, the deer wins the round and two new participants are chosen. 3. Do You See: This exercise is valuable in helping us to become aware of the common habit of looking without seeing. Casually ask group members to look in one direction for 60 seconds. Then have them close their eyes and ask them questions about the area they just viewed. Are there clouds in the sky? Did they notice any animal signs? How many colors did they see? What was the largest thing they saw? What was the smallest? Participants may then open their eyes and take another look at the area. What do they see this time that they didn’t see the first time? 4. Flubber: This is a good quick activity to lead into other sensory awareness activities. In a bowl mix 2 16 oz boxes of cornstarch and about 2 cups of water, then add 1&3/8 cup more water. Mix by hand to ensure an even consistency. Do not push through the mixture as if mixing batter, but rather keep “lifting” from the bottom of the bowl to the top until an even consistency is reached. Flubber should flow when you tip the bowl, but feel like a solid when you hit it or rub your finger across the surface. If it is too thick to flow just add water and if slightly soupy little more cornstarch. Have people blindfolded and using their sense of feel, check out the flubber-is it liquid or a solid, or both-How can you make it become a solid or liquid. Punch the flubber in the bowl hard and quick, gently and slow. When does it seem to be a liquid, a solid? After you have taken off the blindfolds, play some more using your other sense, see if you can make other discoveries. Often this is best done outside.

5. Asteroid Belt: In this space age scenario, a space ship tries to maneuver its way safely through a crowded field of asteroids. One blindfolded player represents the space ship. Remaining players become asteroids and take up random positions in an area approximately 30 feet long and 10 feet wide. The space ship then tries to move through the full length of the asteroid belt without bumping into any of them. Fortunately, the space ship is equipped with radar so that the nearest asteroid to her must emit a “Beep Beep” sound in warning. If the space ship successfully completes the trip, another player is selected to pilot the craft and the game continues. If the ship crashes into an asteroid, the destroying asteroid becomes the new pilot and returns to the...
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