Sense of Community

Topics: For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her, Sartoris Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: October 18, 2010
If we were to mix some of the characters in each story, the communities would become a lot different. The Mayor in “One of These Days” seems to be rather domineering. So if he were to somehow be placed into the community in “A Rose for Emily,” where all those characters are rather lenient, things would become a lot more intense. Additionally, if Mrs. Turpin from “Revelation”, was to be brought into to live in the same community with the ladies in “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World”, opinions of things might have changed.

There are only a few things said about the Mayor in “One of These Days.” You sort of have to look at the few things that are said and done to him, to realize that he is not a very likeable person. When, the Mayor tells the dentist’s son that his tooth needs to be pulled, the dentist, Aurelio, replies by saying, “Tell him I’m not here” (693). If the Mayor was someone that was liked, chances are Aurelio would not have made an excuse to not be of service to him. When the son informs the Mayor about what was said, he makes it a point to tell the son that if Aurelio does not take out his tooth, “…he’ll shoot you” (694), this is in reference to Aurelio. Eventually Aurelio does pull the Mayor’s tooth, but while getting ready to pull the tooth, anesthesia free, Aurelio tells him, “Now you’ll pay for our twenty dead men” (694). Automatically you can start to assume the Mayor must have been some kind of dictator or controller and that Aurelio only agreed to pull his tooth because he wanted to inflict pain on him.

If Emily’s community was run by this Mayor, she would most likely not of been able to lead such a secret life and easy life. Although Emily’s personal issues were serious, such as her father’s death and her not being able to get married, the way she lived her life was somewhat simple. Emily had a servant, Tobe, and did not pay taxes because of an agreement made in 1894, by the Colonel: “…Colonel Sartoris, the mayor –who fathered the...
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