Self Analysis Example

Topics: Management, Leadership, Goal Pages: 14 (2998 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Name: Mark Anthony D. MendozaDate: April 20, 2013
Subject: Contemporary Management Theories: Self Analysis

Part Ia.


1. How do I like to spend my time?

I really want to spend my time in doing worthwhile things. I work, study and join adventurous activities. Most importantly, I always find time to participate with our religious activities like our house to house preaching to share the good news about the kingdom of God Jehovah.

2. Do I enjoy working with people?

Yes. I enjoy working with different kinds of people. Actually, I prefer working with a group rather than working alone.

3. Do I like to work with mechanical things?

Yes. When I was in high school we were taught to do mechanical things like electrical applications, carpentry and troubleshooting appliances. During my free time, I usually do troubleshoot dysfunctional home appliances even though I am not that good at it.

4. Do I enjoy working with data?

I do enjoy working with data most especially if it’s numerical or accounting related.

5. Am I a member of many Organizations?

No. At present I am only a member of some organizations.

6. Do I enjoy physical activities?

I am a very active person enjoying physical activities. I usually play games like table tennis, badminton and volleyball. I also join adventurous activities like mountain climbing. At least twice a year, we enjoy hiking for at most three days in the mountains of Kayapa and Ambaguio.

7. Do I like to read?

I am not really that kind of person who is fond of reading. It usually depends on my mood but most of the time my retention is at most two hours.


1. Am I adept at analysis?

I believe that I am not that adept regarding analytical matters.

2. Am I adept at working with computers?

Yes. It is with the aid of the computer subjects integrated in our curriculum. It is also enhanced by the use of computer s at work. I became familiar with various applications and I was acquainted on how to operate them properly.

3. Do I have good verbal and written communication skills?

I can also consider that my writing and speaking abilities are good. It is with the help of the subjects I teach in class. Through regular class discussion my speaking abilities are gradually improved. The many write ups, concept papers, case analyses that I have prepared also enhances my writing abilities.

4. What special talents do I have?

I do not have any special talent.

5. At which abilities do I wish I were more adept?

I wish I am more intellectually inclined with excellent writing and communication skills.


1. What are my good and bad traits?

Some of my good are the following. I have sense of helping the needy. I also know my responsibilities as a child, brother and as a person to others. I can also consider myself as cheerful.

Some of my bad habits are the following. Sometimes, I am late going to work. I am also lazy in doing household chores.

2. Am I competitive?

One of my mottos in life is “Always do your best”. I always do my best in everything I do. It may be academics, work or whatever it maybe.

3. Do I work well with others?

I can assume that I work well with others. Basing on my present job most of my officemates, if not all, like to work with me. I can say that because I am easy to work with and I am always practicing flexibility.

4. Am I outspoken?

I think so. Most of the time, I say things that I know is right.

5. Am I a leader or a follower?

I can be a combination of both but most of the time I am a follower. I am an abiding individual. I usually follow...
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