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Topics: Security, Security guard, National security Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Individuals are at risk at one time or another more than often. We try our best to focus on protection and security, but we cannot focus our entire life to it. In the past and even now, there is a struggle to maintain security in what is thought to be the most protected areas. Churches, schools, daycare's and other places that are known for safety have fallen victim to those who do not understand. When we think of church, we believe we would be safe in our place of worship. Most of the churches I have been to are small and funded by the public. Most of the small churches cannot afford many security measures, such as outside security agency or metal detectors. If they would have implemented these types of security it would portray a negative image with outside people.

There are many components to the overall security objectives that deserve attention. In these types of scenarios, we often underestimate the security in our churches and schools in order to enhance security in and around these facilities. There needs to be both personal security and physical security. I think that the church or school can make sure that the staff is aware of security protocols and procedures against attacks ranging from gunmen, fires and bombs. Another area that needs attention is having surveillance. Physical monitoring, such as security guards, police officers doing extra patrols to ensure safety.

It is very unfortunate that more and more churches and schools are becoming a target when it comes to threats of arson or bombings. I believe there needs to be more personal security and trained camera surveillance.. If churches were to install security Page 2

camera to watch the outside grounds than they would be better protected because they could see if any crime were going on, possibly be able to catch the people that committed those crimes, and maybe even prevent some of those people from ev en trying to commit crimes because they see the cameras....
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