Security Issues in E-Commerce Can Be Overcome

Topics: Electronic commerce, Computer virus, Antivirus software Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Discuss how security issues in e-commerce can be overcome

In this document I am going to explain the security issues that every e-commerce possible faces and how to overcome them.

Each e-commerce have to keep their online data safe such as customers personal details, their bank details and many more and in order to make sure that their data stays safe and secured, they have to be aware of all the frauds that is taking place now days because e-commerce have to deal with payments such as online banking, electronic transactions, using debit cards, credit cards and many other ways and because of these e-commerce’s have more compliance issues as they are at more risk from being targeted than other websites. Data’s can be stolen in many ways such as by hacking and by adding viruses into systems and many other ways.

Hackers scan the whole system without the knowledge of owner and goes through the private files, data’s and most of the private and confidential files with an intention of dropping the company down. So all the companies that do online business have to be alert and have to keep tight security in every systems such as “firewall”, so no hackers can hack in to their system.

The other thing that ecommerce have to be aware of is viruses, viruses comes in many faces such as virus, worms and Trojans. These three viruses works in different way but the result of all these are same which is that they drops down the whole system once it goes into a system.

Virus is a kind of code created by human that can damage the whole system once it is been opened, and the trick that hackers use is that they send the virus in different way such as “junk email, pop-ups web pages or games. As soon as the user clicks on that particular email or pop-up the virus codes starts doing their job which is to damage the system by destroying files and other objects.

Where else the other virus called worm does not damage the system but it allows the hacker to view all the...
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