Sections of the Library

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Different sections of the library
1.Acquisition Section - The objectives of the Acquisition are Selection , Ordering and Accessioning of books in Accession Registers. The library procures those books which are recommended by the teachers / Scientists of the university. Further Chief Librarian also takes initiative in selecting books of general nature and text books. The list of recommended books is placed before the Primary Purchase Committee (PPC) exclusively for selection of books and periodicals. Orders are placed when the PPC approves the list of books and journals. 2. Processing Section - Processing Section undertakes two vital functions, viz., (a) Classification and (b) Cataloguing (a) Classificaton --- Class numbers are given to the books according to the Dewey decimal Classification Scheme (DDC). (b) Cataloguing --- Books are catalogued according to Anglo American Cataloguing Rules -II (AACR-II) . For each book three entries are prepared. 3. Circulation Section - The function of the circulation section centers round issue and return of the books. The lending period without fine is one month. The over due fine rupee one per day is charged on every book issued beyond the lending period. 4. Current Periodical Section - Current Periodical Section is located at the ground floor. In this section , journals which are subscribed to the library for the current year are displayed. 5. Reference Section -Reference books are not issued , but readers may consult it within the premises of the Library. The reference books are shelved in three different Halls. Reading Hall - I : For current information. Reading Hall ---II: For books on Agriculture and allied subjects. Reading Hall-- III: For books on Home Science 6. Text Book Bank Section - There is a separate Text Book Bank ( TBB ) Secton in the Library. Books from TBB are issued for one semester against a nominal charge of Rupees 2 ( two) for each book. 7. Reprography Section - The facility to photostat is...
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