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Seven is a mystery fiction film about two homicide detectives who are frantically hunting a serial killer that self-justified his murderess actions with the belief that he is punishing people that are guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins. The John Doe serial killer, kills his victims in accordance to their sinful lives. The movie takes us on a thrill ride of torture and fear as the sociopathic murder leads along the two Detectives one deadly sin at a time. The first of the Seven Deadly Sin presented Detectives Somerset and Mills at the scene of the first murder victim. The victim a morbidly, obsessed man is found face down in a plate of spaghetti. According to the autopsy examiner, the victim was forced at gun point to eat until his stomach ruptured and he died of internal hemorrhaging. This provides us with the John Doe serial killer’s MO. Which is, to kills his victims in accordance to their sinful lives. In this case his sin and death was presented to the victim in the form of gluttony. Gluttony is found behind the refrigerator written in grease, with a not that says, “Long is the way and hard that out of hell leads up to light.” The Second murder and sin is present in the form of greed. Detective Mills finds himself at the murder scene which is at the office of defense attorney Eli Gould. Eli’s forced attrition was to cut off a pound of his own flesh. Greed is spelled out on the carpet of the attorney’s office. This is the killer’s signature.

While comparing notes the detectives discover the killer is drawing inspiration from Dante’s Inferno and The Parson’s Tale. They also discover that the killer is forcing atonement upon the victims in the form of their own deadly sin. He is preaching a sermon through is murders. While looking through the evidence they wonder if Mrs. Gould knew anything they didn’t. Mrs. Gould identified that a painting in her husband’s office was hanging upside down. Upon investigating this clue Detectives Somerset and Mills find...
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