Topics: Forestry, Clearcutting, Cleanliness Pages: 3 (407 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Chapter 13 SummaryCory Clark s2
|Key vocabulary |Silviculture The profession of |Park vs. nature |First 2 U.S. National Parks? | | |growing trees |preserve A park is a |Yosemite Valley and | | |Clear-cutting when all the trees in |place the people can |Yellowstone | | |an area are cut down to be used for |enjoy and roam | | | |something. |wherever they please,| | | |Shelterwood cutting cutting dead and |while a nature | | | |less desirable tree |preserve is someplace| | | |Seed-tree cutting removes all but a |that preserves the | | | |few seed trees to promote the next |nature and allows | | | |generation of trees. |things to grow | | | |Selective cutting individual trees |instead of not really| | | |are marked and cut. |preserving the park. | | |Brief summary of the chapter |Negative effects of clear-cutting: |Situations where |2 Primary causes of | | |Clear cutting eliminates the factors |clear-cutting may be |deforestation: | | |of first and secondary succession |effective to |primary causes include things| | |which makes it much harder for the |regenerate desirable |like logging and the | |...
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