Topics: A Christmas Carol, Jacob Marley, Charles Dickens Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Scrogge begins the story as a bitter, miserly misanthrope. Dickens uses the three ghosts to illustrate to him the errors of his way and "the final consequences of his actions. His solitary life and disdain for those in need will ultimately lead others to find comfort and happiness from his death. No one will mourn his passing and his money and possessions will be stolen by the desperate and corrupt, the very people he condemned in life. His final legacy will be that of a cheap tombstone in an unkept graveyard. Scrooge then weeps over his own grave, begging the ghost for a chance to change his ways before awakening to find it is Christmas morning. He has been given an opportunity to repent after all. Scrooge does so and becomes a model of generosity and kindness." Source: Wikipedia/Charles Dickens/A Christmas Carol

When scrooge saw the ghost of Christmas future he saw that he was going to die and then if he changed his ways he could live on and so he wanted to change. A Christmas Carol 

There are several ways to show how Scrooge changed his attitude to  Christmas in A Christmas Carol. As his attitude changes, so does the  language of the text. The opening of the novel is surprisingly  conversational and unconventional, not what one might expect from a  Victorian novel: “Marley was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt  whatsoever about that”. The novel thus associates death with Scrooge  – he signs the register and his hand is considered final in any  business deal, suggesting that to Scrooge, even the death of his  long-standing partner is a matter of money: “even Scrooge was not so  dreadfully cut up by the sad event, but that he was an excellent man  of business on the very day of the funeral, and solemnised it with an  undoubted bargain.” 

At the beginning of Christmas Carol, adjectives establish Scrooge as  an evil man, “a squeezing”, “wrenching”, “clutching”, and “covetous  old sinner!” At the same time, there is a fair amount of humour – as  with...
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