Scott Kelly

Topics: First-person narrative, Time, First person Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 21, 2014
How does Fitzgerald tell the story at the end of chapter 7? The author begins the segment by taking the voice of a witness of Myrtle's death, the "young greek, Michaelis" in order to reveal details to the reader that would have otherwise remained shrouded in mystery as the usual first person narrator, Nick, was not present at the scene. The structure of the section is not unlike the structure of a witness statement, with the emphasis on specific dialogues and time suggesting that the chronology of the novel has again been jumbled and has been set ahead of the default time frame. Fitzgerald reinforces the concept of the 'statement' being from Michaelis' perspective with the utilisation of narrative gaps, because as a single character within the novel there is no potential for him to be a third person, omnipresent narrator. Although revealing to the reader in some respects, the author employs many enigma codes within the passage in order to conceal the identity of the victim - although it is implied given the witness statement - and also those responsible for the accident. Fitzgerald reduces associations between main characters in referring the car - through the eyes of the media - as the "death car" and further obscuring the truth by having the car being described by Michaelis as "light green". When constructing Myrtle's death, the author draws on both violent and biblical imagery, stating that her life was "violently extinguished" and "her left breast was swinging loose" while also drawing on a highly religious concept of death by illustrating her "dark blood mingling with the dust". The use of brutal and religious imagery is consistent throughout the novel in its entirety and the author often uses it to describe or create parallels between specific concepts at pivotal moments in time. Fitzgerald further reinforces this notion with Myrtle's giving up of her "tremendous vitality" that was not only evident to the reader within chapter seven - with her ordering...
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