Scientific Race: Article Review of Does Race Exist, a Proponents Perspective by George W. Gill

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Anthropology, Racism Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Ary’Anah Walker
February 22, 2014
Human Diversity
Essay 1

Scientific Race

In the article Does Race Exist, A Proponents Perspective by George W. Gill, he talks about the different views of anthropologists and the biological anthropology community. He states that one half of the biological anthropology believe traditional views that races are biologically valid and real, while the other half believes that traditional racial categories for humankind are arbitrary and meaningless. That there are better ways to look at human variation than just by race. Gill actually does research on the particular traits used today in forensic identification. One of the things he found was that by using methods of bone analysis, forensic anthropologists attain a high degree of accuracy. But that alone is not enough to be a success. He talks about how bones can tell age and how true is that. He states that is you can use bones to determine age that certain biological material can tell you the social construct of someone. Gill uses this for race and sex identification. By examining the bony traits of the nose, mouth, femur and cranium you can determine race. Gill then speaks on how blood analysis cuts across racial boundaries. He touches bases on racism also and gets into a debate with Loring Brace. They were both fearing that the form of racism was more likely to emerge if race is denied. He end his article saying that he has found that minority students benefit more from this and have been the strongest supporters of a “racial perspective”.

The next article is An Antagonists Perspective by C. Loring Brace. He starts his essay off very strong with his statement that biological entity does not exist when it comes to race. Loring believes that where certain people have lived for hundred thousand years is how long it took for their regional patterns became established. He states that we can identity people based on their features they have but he doesn't call that...
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