Science Future of India

Topics: Science, Technology, Research Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: January 28, 2013
The future of scientific research in India is very promising. India is the Promised Land of scientific and technology research. Advances in these two areas are having a significant impact in India's present and therefore, future. India is the primary source for many outsourcing companies for that reason. In addition, India has a large pool of professionals who are high skilled and a valuable asset to the country. India's government is a democracy that favors advances and research in the technological and scientific areas.

The future of India seems bright. India's research and development in many areas such as genetic modification, bio-energy sources, biochemistry, atomic energy, organ donation, biomedical science, and many other issues will determine much of the way these issues are viewed by the world in the near future. How India handles many of the ethical dilemmas that scientific research presents will be an education for many other countries, including developed countries.

India is leading in many areas and evolving in others. However, most funding comes from public sources, and many times, it is limited. This area has to evolve, and more private funding is to be encouraged so India can compete with other countries like China. Industrial research and development competitiveness must be encouraged more, as most of the effort goes into the field of space, defense, oceanography, and atomic energy. However, India is strong in Software technology and computer science.

The lack of attractive salaries compared to the private sector has created a void in the education and research sectors. However, it is a matter of money and not quality of talent. Indian minds are among the brightest and skilled, and many students from the ITT's are highly sought by European and American universities.

India has to its advantage the willingness to work with other countries in research and science development and lend its talents to the project. Controversy about India...
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