School Problems

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School may escalate problems and turning complicated problems simple to complex problems and the school and its potential available to resolve some of these problems. Equipment without maintenance:

Before we get to the classroom must be pointed to the toilets.. In most of their institutions, "nasty" for lack of maintenance and follow-up as well as the order of the Outer Gardens neglected.. The attention usually confined to the interior garden or known science Square. And sometimes find exterior doors do not prevent outsiders from entering the institution.. The problem is that the currency assigned to these tasks are either reluctant in their duties and either not qualified to do ministry is sometimes assign holders disabilities to integrate them in at their convenience. Problem classrooms:

Classroom is pole educational institution and with that, she goes concentration teacher and learner to its lack of the most basic necessities In some institutions glass windows shattered and the door is not closed and the walls do not differ much from the streets in what it contains words that are obscene and slogans variety in addition to the lack of a basket Trash and even sometimes blackboard is not suitable for writing.. How can we ask the teacher and the learner payoff in such circumstances ..?? Viewed without libraries:

Year reading.. Year book.. And other slogans have nothing to do with reality in more than one institution lacking library completely to find professors literary subjects themselves forced to overburden the pupil holdings new books reading due to the loss library or limited contents if any what would you do ten copies of the book in a hundred pupils asking this address for reading, for example??
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